Store Information
Address: 405 U.S. Rte. 1
Falmouth, ME 04105
Phone: (207) 781-4763
Fax: (207) 781-3462
State Inspection Hours
Monday Closed
Tuesday 9am-9:30am and 4pm-4:30pm
Wednesday 9am-9:30am and 4pm-4:30pm
Thursday 9am-9:30am and 4pm-4:30pm
Friday 9am-9:30am and 4pm-4:30pm
Saturday 9am-10am
Sunday Closed

Service Department

We are currently looking to hire a Technician.

Street Cycles has winter storage available.

WINTER SERVICE. Beat the spring rush and labor rate increase and let Street Cycles help you with all of your servicing needs for your motorcycle.

Does your BMW or Suzuki have a recall? Call us with your VIN to check. 207-781-4763

Attention BMW owners! The BMW battery tender has a "routine" you must follow in order to make it work properly:

  1. Turn ignition key on
  2. Plug tender into accessories socket
  3. Plug tender into electrical outlet
  4. Turn ignition off